Autodidactic singer, songwriter, and performer, Kamra, paints a commodious canvas of American music. Raised in the dry desert, now living on their farm in the Western Catskill Mountains, Kamra is inspiring a generation of integrity-fueled fugitives.

Their popular single “Hear My No” is a socio-cultural device Shazamed worldwide. They also happen to be the author of Care Manual, a workbook pulling up fixed notions of care, consent, pleasure, and harm from their roots.

Kamra’s songcraft derives wisdom from lived experience and surfs aliveness’s iterative waves. Channeling Tracy Chapman, their warm, rich, and affectional voice cosplays as the centerpiece of their sonic feast.

Kamra draws focus on experimentation in their upcoming debut LP, holding their core in folk stylings, taste testing indie rock, nu jazz, ambient R&B, and alternative electronic sensibilities, making hard to pin down contemplative pop somewhere between L’Rain, Kara Jackson, and Sudan Archives.

They’ve played Cafe Erzulie, C'mon Everybody, and The Sultan Room alongside mmeadows and Kalbells. Their recent show at The Delancey wowed the crowd. You can read about them in The Creative Independent, Deem Journal, ARTnews, VICE, The Cut, and Supermaker.