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Aéne Ullam Corpé Nunc Nísi Aliqu

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‘Hear My No’ music video dropping February 1, 2022


Care Manual is a book about going to beautiful places and being a beautiful place to go. In nine beautifully succinct chapters, Kamra traverses worlds of ideas ranging from meaning-making to cancel culture and the nervous system's life. With deliberate clarity, the book reflects on transformation’s possibilities in the mundane and provides readers with many moments to grapple with world-building beyond colonial contexts. Framing feedback as a friend, this book encourages readers to put down conditioning and embrace values. It is a book for those ready to make cellular commitments to love.



FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Recently developing their sonic craft, Kamra’s anticipated music debut is rooted in their long-standing work as the founder of Activation Residency as well as a transdisciplinary artist and writer. Produced by Alzena Bell, Verdant Banks forthrightly demarcates dichotomies between pain and grief, prosperity and bounty. The record is a narrative piece about abundance blooming brilliance in luminescent presence. ‘Verdant’ as in young, ‘Banks’ as in money, Kamra double-dips meaning with this rich and quite literally, fruitful release. Each song is 3 minutes and 33 seconds, drawing on the magic of Kamra’s life path number. Grounded by their buoyant, opulent vocals and vine-like yet unforgettable melodies, the record drifts between genres, activating an array of sensibilities.


Praised by ASU News, The Creative Independent, The CUT, VICE, ArtNews, Supermaker, Hooligan Magazine, and Caesar LIVE N SOUND, Kamra hails from O'odham Jeweḍ land, where they cultivated their passion for world-building and writing. After graduating from New York University's School of Professional Studies, Center for Global Affairs, Kamra carved out a distinct space for themselves in the arts industry, founded Activation Residency in 2018, and then released their debut record, Verdant Banks, September 2021 with Care Manual coming out February 2022.